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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  November 13, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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we're the on institution in the world to list the names of those killed on d-day. all total, that's 4,413 names. freedom is not free. it comes at a very high cost and we should not take it for granted. an embarrassing bust at a prominent political couple in maryland. they are out of jail now without posting bail but jackson will be required to wear a monitoring device while serving the last few weeks of his expiring term. johnson and his wife, who was just elected to the county council, were arrested in an fbi corruption sting friday. according to the fbi, leslie
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johnson tried to hide nearly $80,000 in kickback money in her bra and underwear as agents knocked on the door. jack johnson says they didn't do anything wrong. >> i'm innocent of these charges. i just can't wait for the facts to come out, and when they come out, i am absolutely convinced that i'm going to be -- we will be vindicated. >> so what's the next legal step in this case? let's turn to sonny from our sister network, trutv. so what does this say that the couple was released on their own, this means they are not flight risks? >> it doesn't necessarily mean they are not flight risks but because johnson has to wear a monitoring bracelet.
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i believe this is really a serious matter here, in looking at the fbi affidavit. this was -- while the investigation is ongoing, it is clear that there has been quite an investigation resulting in a wiretap. so a lot of the information that they have on this matter is actually on tape, and that is a very difficult position for mr. johnson to be in. >> in fact, that's a really interesting part of this investigation. apparently, there was a listening device that was used during the approach that fbi investigators had on the house. they could actually hear apparently the conversations between jack and leslie johnson. leslie apparently reportedly called when there was a knock on the door, and these investigators were listening. so give me an idea what the parameters are for the state of maryland to be able to do this. >> the fbi is the federal arm of the government, so they had to go in front of a judge and a judge determined there was
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probable cause that criminal activity was going on and they got the warrant allowing them to tap the phones and allowing wiretaps here. some of the information from those wiretaps i have to say was pretty damaging. she calls her husband, she says, you know, there are two women at the door, what should i do? he instructs he to destroy evidence. he instrucks her to go into his room and grab a check from a contractor apparently and about $100,000, and she not only destroys that check, but flushes it down the toilet. and all of that was on tape. he also tells her -- >> that's why also a plumber was brought in. fbi investigators brought in a plumber to check the toilets once they had entry into the home. >> that is right. he also told her to, you know, hide about $80,000 on her person and try to walk out. so all of that evidence is evidence that's going to be used
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against them and it's very damaging. this is the federal bureau of investigation. this is what they do for a living. so the fact that they have this type of investigation that's ongoing does not bode well for him. >> this is interesting, too. he's got the monitoring bracelet, jack johnson does. he's able to do his job, if he decides to do so as county executive is. that unusual to give him the option of returning to his job if he wants to, along with this monitoring device? it just sounds very unusual. is it? >> well, you know, it's usually decided on a case by case basis. so in this case with this judge and this prosecutor's office, they decided that was appropriate. we saw the same thing with the governor of illinois when he was being investigated. he did go back to work. so sometimes that is the decision that is made. but, again, he still is under investigation, an investigation that is ongoing for the fbi.
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so he's still in a very difficult position trying to carry on the business of the day while under investigation. >> sonny hostin, thank you so much for your insight on this case. overseas now. after 15 years of house arrest, activist aung san suu kyi is freed. she was released without conditions in myanmar this morning. she plans to hold a major address tomorrow to talk about her future. she has gained a nobel prize for her dogged opposition to authoritarian rule. myanmar, also known as burma, is a country ruled by an often brutal military junta. >> at best, he release is the single step forward on the thousand mile journey. >> do you worry about her safety? >> absolutely. in fact, last time she was
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imprisoned in may of 2003, it happened after she had been traveling outside the capital rangoon and speaking to supporters and her convoy was attacked by a group of government sponsored thugs. more than 70 supporters were killed. she was injured and barely escaped with her life. this is a moment in time not to decrease pressure on the regime, but increase pressure to get it to the negotiating table so that the dialogue she's called for can take place. >> one of aung san suu kyi's american based attorneys there. barack obama calls her one of his heroes and says the u.s. welcomes the release and following aung san suu kyi's powerful example, he says we commit ourselves to remaining steadfast advocates of freedom and human rights for the burmese people and accountability for those who continue to on
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president them. that statement from president obama. president obama is in japan this weekend taking part in an economic summit. the key issue is trade. while in japan, the president will seek to warm relations that had cooled when he visited tokyo last year. the cause of that friction, a dispute over moving u.s. military bases. this year, the japanese are taking to the streets protesting china's growing naval presence and this could be a game changer on how japan uses u.s. bases on its soil. the president mentioned this relationship in his speech in tokyo earlier today. >> the commitment of the united states to the defense of japan is unshakeable. our alliances, bases and forward presence are essential not only to japan's security but as prime minister noted, they help us ensure stability and address regional challenges across northeast asia.
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nor this reason, the prime minister and i agreed to keep moving forward on our road map on realignment so we can meet japan's defense needs and also address the needs of japanese communities that host our basis. and i'm confident that we can continue to work together to ensure both. >> this ten-day trade trip took the president to four asian countries. he returns to washington tomorrow. millionaire business mogul russell simmons' path to fame and fortune. my face-to-face interview with the hip-hop pioneer and philanthropist after this. [ j. weissman ] it was 1975.
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my professor at berkeley asked me if i wanted to change the world. i said "sure." "well, let's grow some algae." and that's what started it. exxonmobil and synthetic genomics have built a new facility to identify the most productive strains of algae. algae are amazing little critters. they secrete oil, which we could turn into biofuels. they also absorb co2. we're hoping to supplement the fuels that we use in our vehicles, and to do this at a large enough scale to someday help meet the world's energy demands.
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he's a true force in the business world here in the u.s. and abroad. russell simmons is one of the most recognizable talents whose claim to fame includes making music, clothing and tv shows. and that's just the tip of the iceberg. and guess what? russell simmons admits to forging ahead without ever making a business plan. i talked face to face with the mogul who is modest about his
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successes but excited to share some of the secret ingredients of his personal and business philosophies. did you ever realize that your reach would be global to this degree? >> you just do what's in front of you. of course, i didn't have a business plan. i've never written a business plan. when i envest in new companies, they write them, i don't read them. the plan is do well and focus every day and give as much as you can. >> i know you like to be modest. i wonder if i can ask, do you think there's like a certain ingredient, something about your approach to business that means almost everything you try is going to be a successful one? >> i think -- >> given your track record. >> you know, i'm more famous than i'm rich. i read how rich i am. but my idea is just to serve and
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keep serving. and so what you mean by success is we do cultural things that matter. i look for what's really needed, a vehicle for expression. these kids and their poetry, the show we just put on hbo, these kids need expression. when i made rap records, there were no rap records. when i did the urban clothing company, there were known. i like to have a honest passion and pursue it. just stay on your grind till it's done. >> back to all your ventures. you had def jam records. >> yeah. >> def jam productions. >> you mean like movie stuff? yeah. >> phat farm. then there's reality tv. >> that's fun. >> giggle.
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>> jewelry. >> simmons jewelry, it's in kay's jewelry. that's for my school in africa. free college. so the money we're raising is going to that school. >> and books. did i leave anything out? >> i'm sure you left out a lot. >> you don't keep track? >> i have lots of smart people around me and they keep track and i keep track with them. >> ever get to the point where you say i'm taking on too much? >> i'm going to try to stay focused on things i start until they're complete. there's always going to be suffering and poverty and education for africans in need. these kinds of things are ongoing. it's just fun to do until it's too late. >> have you had a failed business? >> well, you can't fail until you quit.
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>> and that is one of the lines to remember. more of my face to face next week. the hip-hop mogul talks about his transformation of a drug dealing gang member to a philanthropist raising millions for charities. i'll also ask his opinion of music today and his newest undertakings in fashion and jewelry. that's next weekend right here on cnn. the race is on to stop a runaway train carrying explosives. it's a movie starring denzel washington out this weekend. our critics review, next.
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movies, fair game, and unstoppable on the big screen. freed democracy advocate aung san suu kyi plans a major address about her future tomorrow. myanmar's ruling regime freed her this morning. she had spent the better part of the past 20 years under house arrest. haiti's cholera outbreak continues to spread, with more than 800 people dying from the disease. unsanitary conditions and unsanitary drinking water are factors in the spread. a huge loss for the u.s. postal service. the agency was $8.5 billion in the red for the last fiscal year. part of the loss is blamed on the growth in e-mail and online bill paying. comedy, suspense, all that
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in the theaters this weekend. we're being joined to see if any of these movies make the grade. good to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> let's begin with denzel washington's new movie "unstoppable." let's take a quick peek. >> what are you doing? >> take off right now, we get back on the main, we can chase it down in reverse. >> wait a minute. >> the only way to top that kind of power is grab it by the tail. >> it's called a derailer. that's what they do. >> a train that size going that fast will vaporize anything that gets in its way. are you in or out? >> i guess denzel likes those things on tracks.
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what did you think, you like it? >> i did. this was a terrific film. "unstoppable" is a great action thriller. it takes some time to get moving, but after that, denzel washington is terrific as always. he's such a great anchor, very charismatic. he is the veteran older train operator. chris pine from "star trek" last year is the rookie on his first day on the job. it's a story based on true events. it's about a run away train with toxic waste which is like a nuclear missile running throughout the state of pennsylvania. it's part of a doomsday story. good acting, good direction, as well. tony scott has done five movies with denzel. overall, it's a great true story about real american heroes. >> great. what is your letter grade on this one? >> well, this one i would give
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an a minus. it was number one at the box office last night, with $8.1 million. i think lit do $23 million for the weekend. >> denzel is a big draw. okay, let's talk about "morning glory." usually i kind of cringe, movies about tv news and how we do it. what do you think about this "morning glory?" >> sure. sometimes it hits a little too close to home for the tv biz. but overall, this was a disappointing film. it's very formulaic. but the story, if you're in the tv business, is kind of interesting. it's about a woman who was fired from her local tv job and takes an executive producer role as the head of the worst rated morning news show in the nation and she has to really turn it around. so here's some clips of that
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film. you can see what the actors are doing. >> let's watch. ♪ >> i would like to offer you the position of co-host of "daybreak." >> after the career i've had? >> and harrison ford there, of course, you know, you've got some great folks in here. what is your letter grade on this? >> this one i would really give a c plus to. but i have to say despite the cliched story, harrison ford does a terrific job. he does action all the time, but we didn't know he has such great comic timing. he's brilliant. i would love to see more comedy from him. >> we do a little flash of comedy in a few things where he is dynamic. now let's talk about "fair
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game." this is a depiction of real life, or at least as close to the real-life story of valerie plame, joe wilson, starting naomi watts and sean penn. we'll take a look and see if you thought this was a believable story. >> right, you said it right there. that's what this film is about. i liked it. it was a good film, not amazing but a good film if you like political thrillers. that's how i would describe this picture. the acting is terrific. this movie had its start back in may and now it's being released in theaters. it's only playing in select markets around the country. in fact, this weekend it will make about $1 million. not huge but respectable. and it's a good story. they do a good job of having the
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husband-wife dynamic. she's a spy that getted outed by the government, the bush administration. and they're fighting to save their marriage, raising children. so it's -- it doesn't go too much into the politics which is what i liked about the film. this movie is not like that. if you do like those actors, i think they're commanding enough to gauge your interest throughout the 106 minutes you'll be sitting there for. >> what's your letter grade? >> this one is a b plus. >> nice. and we know that this movie, the real-life valerie plame and joe wilson were very involved in the direction of this movie, and artistic components. they played a pretty serious role onset during the filming of this. do you think that made a difference? >> i think so. hey, if someone made a movie about me, you know i would want to be part of it. especially if sean penn was
4:26 pm
playing me. so i think that was good. it makes it more realistic. at the end of the day, it's a very targeted office. simply if you follow the news and politics, you'll like it. you do have to really work to find a theater, because it's not playing in every one out there. >> thanks so much. good to see you. >> thanks, fredericka. president obama is winding down his asia trip, but he has encountered a few bumps in the road. is frowned upon in this establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade and check my investment portfolio, research stocks, and set conditional orders. wait, why are you taking... oh, i see. hey max, would it kill you to throw a guy a warning bark? [ dog barks ] you know i wanted a bird. [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed.
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president barack obama on the final leg of his four country asian tour. he's in japan this weekend for an economic summit. dan lothian joins us from yokahama. dan, the president is kinding down his trip. the purpose was to strengthen ties in that region, especially
4:30 pm
when it comes to trade. how successful does the white house feel? >> reporter: they feel that the president was able to make that point, pushing the trade agenda, trying to make the case to these world leaders it's in everyone's best interest to expand trade, about 60% of u.s. exports come to this region and the president came shopping here to open up more markets for u.s. goods believing that could create more jobs back at home. that is good for the u.s., but not everyone is happy. they see the president, the united states coming here with their hands open, looking for more jobs to take home and wondering what is in it for them? speaking to some ceos and other business leaders, president obama tried to set the record straight. >> i make no apologies for doing whatever i can to bring those jobs and industries to america. but what i've also said throughout this trip is that in the 21st century, there is no
4:31 pm
need to view trade, commerce or economic growth as zero sum games where one country always has to prosper at the expense of another. if we work together, and act together, strengthening our economic ties can be a win-win for all of our nations. >> now, the administration is touting some deals that they were able to cut in india, $10 billion worth of deals there, including some ten b-17 aircraft through the air force in india. but there was some setbacks back in the united states, talking about disappointment, what the administration was not able to accomplish or make any movement on the currency deals with china. not able to lock in the south korea trade deal will, as well. the administration not seeing this as a disappointment, pointing out that these things take time. and that the president really wants to make sure that they get
4:32 pm
this right, not necessarily get it quickly. >> on this last day there in japan, he's also talking with leaders of other countries. tell me about that. >> that's right. the russian president medvedev, president obama and he having a breakfast together. they will be touching on a number of issues, including the new start treaty, talking about iran and afghanistan. then a little cultural outing for the president. he'll go to the great buddha statue, a place where he went as a young boy, and hops on air force one back to washington. >> dan lothian, appreciate that as you travel with the president abroad. and welcome home when you get here. all right. back in this country, heavy snow is expected in the upper midwest this weekend. already in some places it's kind of falling down. jacqui jeras in the weather center. >> like whiteout conditions. it's the first snowfall of the
4:33 pm
season in minnesota and they're doing it in a big way. take a look am these pictures from our affiliate in minneapolis-st. paul. as much as 11 inches, this started around midnight last night. it looks gorgeous, the kids are having fun in it, but it's causing some problems. thousands are without power. might not get power back until tomorrow even. there was 200 car accidents and 200 cars sliding off the roadways. it came down so heavy, so fast and that's been the biggest problem is that when the ground temperatures for the most part are warm enough you would think it would melt off. so when it comes down at a heavy rate, it starts to stick. the heaviest of snow still moving through the twin cities area and northwestern parts of wisconsin and up there into the arrow head, as well. another 2 to 4 inches of snow on
4:34 pm
top of what you already have before all is said and done. by tomorrow morning this will wind down. dennison, iowa getting in on this, as well. 10 inches. 9 inches in maple grove. and there you can see minneapolis itself looking at 9 inches of snowfall. it's causing a lot of gusty winds. we've got delays at o'hare because those winds are so strong. and from the snow to the tropics, hurricane season is still going on. the western caribbean, a medium risk here that we could see development. >> oh, my goodness. just a couple weeks left before the hurricane season is over. thanks, jacqui jeras. washington state voted to ban the seals of caffeinated
4:35 pm
energy drinks that contain alcohol. cnn's kate bolduan has more. >> reporter: the name and the effects are hard to forget. and after nine students at central washington university were hospitalized after drinking four loco, officials banned the sale of it and caffeinated malt liquor like it statewide. they're not alone. michigan officials have also banned the sale of alcoholic energy drinks, and college campuses nationwide are taking a closer look. >> the general concern with alcohol and energy drinks is when you mix the two, you're creating an unstable combination in your body. we worry our students are not as informed as they could be about the consequences of mixing these substances. >> reporter: the university of maryland hasn't officially banned the drink but is stepping up outreach to warm them of the potential dangers. dangers dr. daniel lieberman
4:36 pm
says aren't new, but now served up in a ready made mix and a can he says is marketed to young drinkers. >> what the caffeine is doing is it's encouraging people to drink far more than they should. it masks the effect of the alcohol, so people don't feel the state of intoxication that could lead them to stop drinking. >> reporter: this is what the controversy is all about. this one can has as much alcohol as about five beers. and at a fraction of the price. no wonder it's earned the nickname "black out in a can." the manufacturer defends its product saying "it is just as safe as any other alcoholic beverage when consumed responsibly." >> it is a popular drink on this campus. i know a lot of students get full cases of stuff just because it's so inexpensive. i think less than $3.
4:37 pm
>> reporter: he says by and large, and despite the headlines, students don't seem to care. >> it's a quick means to an end and students definitely abuse that. >> reporter: so it seems many students are getting mixed messages from this controversial drink. kate bolduan, cnn, washington. the number of children in this country with adhd is on the rise but experts say children can be successful in life. up next, the three things parentks do to make sure that happens.
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coming up, helping kids diagnosed with adhd. but first, a look at the top stories. investigators in north carolina say partial remains found earlier this week belong to 10-year-old baker. dna analysis was used for identifying a bone fragment found near hickory, north carolina. the little cancer survivor was reported missing about a month ago. the husband of actress zsa zsa gabor says she's back home
4:42 pm
now. she was rushed by ambulance to the hospital yesterday for a swollen leg. doctors suspected a blood clot but determined it was an infection. gabor has been up able to walk since a car crash in 2002. a weekend of adjustment for former israeli prime minister ariel sharon's family. he was moved from a hospital to his home yesterday. he's been in a coma since a stroke back in 2006. all right, helping parents understand and successfully manage children with adhd. one in every ten kids has attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. dr. edward is a psychiatrist who specializes in the treatment of adhd in children. good to see you. >> nice to be with you. >> you say parents should be not
4:43 pm
fearful of adhd if that diagnosis comes. why not? >> absolutely. untreated, adhd can cause all kinds of problems, both in children and adults. but with treatment, these kids can thrive, excel. and the same with the adult population. that's why this diagnosis is such good news. if you don't know about it, you can get into big trouble, fail in school and fail in life. >> you say good news. that's really important that you say that. it's almost if you were telling people if they have to change their thinking about adhd, instead of looking at it what do i do, you're saying change your perspective completely. how do you do that? >> try to use a strength based context. i tell kids when i diagnose, you're lucky, you have a ferrari engine for a brain. you're a champion in the making. but the problem is you have
4:44 pm
bicycle brakes. i say i'm not treating disabilities, i'm promoting growth and strength. i think when you put it in that strength based context, you get rid of the fear and the shame which is the real disability. and you bring in enthuse. hope and energy and these kids can set the world on fire. the adults on adhd, you find ceos and actors, with treatment. without treatment, it can pose tremendous problems. but putting it in a strength based context, racecar brain, ferreira engine for a brain, bicycle brakes, need to strengthen your brakes. >> so you say here's an example. some people might say there is a very intrusive diagnosis or this means that the characteristics of a child may be very intrusive. you say look at it as being very
4:45 pm
eager. you say this child sees connections that others don't. this is part of that transfrming your approach to adhd. >> exactly. take every negative and turn it on its head and you get a positive. impulsivity. what is creativity? but impulsivity gone right. you can't be creative if you don't have impulsive, intrusive thoughts, if you're not spontaneous. >> are parents going to worry? and you say avoid what you call toxic worry. what is that? >> the toxic worry paralyzes you, freezes you. you don't want to deal with it. you want to sweep it under the rupg. that's the road to disaster. instead, embrace it. say okay. i'll use my worry and turn it into positive action. i'll turn my kid into a champion. i'm not going to deny it, i'm
4:46 pm
going to take this ferrari engine and get it a good set of brakes. >> you know this first hand because you admit you've been living with adhd all your life. >> absolutely. i have adhd and dyslexia. all three of my kids inherited by adhd. it's very genetic and very much in the american gene pool. we were founded and created by people with adhd. >> doctor, nanks so much for your time. appreciate that. >> thank you, thank you. we're going to have josh love up next. this is that time where we talk
4:47 pm
about -- what goes viral on the internet? amazing how fast something comes huge and goes right away. >> coming up, i've got an a-list celebrity getting coked in an awesome way. a new dancing baby. a video so cute our viewers will be reminding it. and plus this, meet the world's largest pet. yes, that's a pet. and yes, indoors. >> is that like a water buffalo? >> his story is coming up. >> oh, my goodness, no. [ male announcer ] montgomery and abigail haggins
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a look at our political ticker. rahm emanuel has made it official. the former white house chief of staff announced his candidacy for mayor of chicago just a short time ago. the election to replace richard daley is set for february. lots of great laughs out there in today's viral video
4:51 pm
remind world. always need a good chuckle here and there. >> we do. this is my favorite chuckle of the week. conan's first week on his new show. >> lots of chuckles there. >> he had a lot to go viral this week. people were talking so much about the show in advance. somehow he had tom hanks on as his major a-list celebrity gis. and somehow they get talking about whales. this is what happened. >> the whales are breaching. >> no, they're not breaching, they're lunging. if they were to breach, 40% of them would come out of the water. >> you could actually see the straight stream of water fall on his head. >> it seems so spontaneous.
4:52 pm
>> would you rehearse with water? >> you can only do that once. but it was clever. >> so i got a new baby for you. take a look at this dancing baby. this baby dancing to the dog days are over. take a look. ♪ >> oh, music is amazing. >> isn't that amazing? as soon as the beat starts going. my baby does the same thing. if there's a beat, they automatically start dancing. as soon as the music slows down -- look what happens when the music picks up again.
4:53 pm
love this guy. >> oh, my gosh. >> time now for the world's largest pet. >> yeah. >> this is freaky. >> a water buffalo? >> uh-huh, it's a buffalo. let's show the video. this is in the home of jim and linda. they keep a buffalo in their home, in their home. his name is bailey bison jr. >> who gets cleanup duty? >> they're trying to train him. >> to go outside? >> uh-huh. >> okay. he goes on car rides with him. they said they take this really seriously, that this is their pet. when he's fully grown, he will weigh 2,200 pounds. >> oh, my goodness. that is not the car. it's got to be a pickup or something. >> i think it's a different car.
4:54 pm
now, let's go to an animal someone might have as a pet. >> okay. >> cuteness overload this week. take a look at this. points to this video. >> that is so compute. so sweet. please don't drop the bunny. >> no, they don't. let's go right into fred's relaxation video. >> oh look, he's nodding off. >> this is something a viewer sent for you. ♪ >> boy, am i needing this one today.
4:55 pm
>> we can do this a long time. we can just synchronize our exhaling. there you go, folks. we always try to give you own ore version of zen. as always, all the videos, go to my facebook page. check it out there and on twitter and we'll have those. >> keep those zen moments coming. >> all right. relax now. >> thanks, josh. see you again tomorrow. >> okay. >> all right. now it's time to get loud, because something new to tell you about tomorrow. comedian george wallace will be joining us every sunday for george's take on the news. we had him a couple of weeks ago and it was so much fun. he's going to be a regular with
4:56 pm
us on sunday, dropping in 5:00 eastern time every sunday. it will be his take on the biggest stories of the week. he has that knack for making things oh, so funny. he's been called the new mr. las vegas. he's funny and frank and he's now with us on sundays, 5:00 eastern time every hour. don't miss it, george wallace and me here in the newsroom. that's going to do it for us this afternoon. coming up, don lemon talks live to rock star activist bono. he's over there waving, getting ready. bono had some very strong words in support of advocate aung san suu kyi in myanmar. she was released today, so bono has some strong statements about her release. he's going to be joining don lemon up next. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ another day ♪ another dollar
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♪ daylight comes [ dogs barking ] ♪ i'm on my way ♪ another day ♪ another dollar ♪ working my whole life away ♪ another day ♪ another dollar
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hostcould switching gei real a bd in the hd or more worth 2 inhe bush? praiser: well you rarely see them in this good of shape. appraiser: for example the fingers are perfect. appraiser: the bird is in mint condition. appraiser: and i would say if this were to go to auction today, woman: really? appraiser: conrvativy it would be worth 2 in the bush. praiser: it's just biful, thank u so much for brinit i woman: unbelievable appraiser: conrvativy it would be worth 2 in the bush. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more.
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